Your cat’s health depends on you

You can feed your cat a healthy homemade cat food recipe and make your cat happy. It is what a lot of pet owners are resorting to as the commercial cat food industry keeps their ingredients a secret because of its toxicity.

One cat owner asked how she could cut down on the $100 per month that she spent on store bought cat food since she had more than one cats. The obvious answer is homemade cat food recipe. When she was given the recipes below, her response was a big thank you. She reduced her monthly cat food bill because she fed her cats both homemade cat food in the evenings when she came home from work and dry cat food during the day time. You have to do what is best for you and your cat because every situation is different.

Another cat owner was asked for suggestions. He said that his cats loved to eat beef. To save money, he went to his butcher who gave him the heart and tongue of the beef for free. He boiled it in water, cut it into little chunks and then used a food processor to chop it up fine and then feed to his two cats during the evening. During the day, he also fed them dry cat food.

Be careful, though, when introducing certain foods to your cat and make sure that they are getting the right vitamins and minerals in their food. In some cases, you have to add these supplements to homemade cat food recipes to give your cat the essential nutrients.

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