What you should know about a Savannah cat – Part 2

Savannah CatSavannah cats have the largest back legs of most cats. The back legs are just as big as a rabbit. Their ears also are of large proportion. Their teeth also are large and sharp even when you get them as little kittens. Be careful when feeding your Savannah cat with your hands. They will bit you accidentally if you are not careful because of the sharpness in their teeth. You have to house train them not to bit because that is their natural tendency. It is just the same way that you have to train a dog to be domesticated so they don’t bit.

Always cut the nails of a Savannah cat because they will scratch you without realizing it. They might leap and land on top of you trying to play, but scratching you in the meantime. They are likely to keep their legs out when they are jumping and running so their claws will stick out if the nails are not cut.

When you have a Savannah cat in your home, be sure to get another pet also. These cats do get along with other animals such as a dog or cat. Your Savannah cat is very active and so having another pet will help to expend some of the high energy. However, make sure that the new pet is not an older pet, but a younger one. They adapt to new pets that are younger.

As it relates to food, the Savannah cat needs food that is of high quality and nutritious. They don’t do well with low quality food. It gives them diarrhea. They do well with meat. If you bring home meat from the grocery store, a Savannah cat will eat the raw meat if you are not careful; even if it is frozen. Be careful when you place meat on your counter. The raw meat is not recommended because if they are not used to it, then it will make them sick.


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