What you should know about a Savannah cat – Part 1

It takes about three years for Savannah cats to fully grow. During the first couple of years, their bodies begin to develop and it is about the third year that their muscles develop. However, in some cases, it takes approximately four years for them to fully grow and develop.

Most Savannah will eventually weight twenty five pounds when they are fully developed. In most cases, Savannah cats will hardly ever be overweight. Almost all of their weight is strictly muscles and body weight. They have no big bellies.

Usually, it may appear as if they weight much more than they really do because they look larger in appearance when they walk around. They will fit easily into most areas and you would never think that they would. They are versatile cats. Savannah cats have a lot of energy and are very hyper. They love to climb and run up and down on every place in the home. They can make so much noise; it is almost astonishing. They have strong voice boxes and you won’t hear the usual meow from a Savannah cat.

If you try to make them do anything that they refuse to do, you won’t stop hearing those high pitched meows coming from them. In fact, it is so loud that someone may think you are doing something to your cat.  Talk about jumping. You haven’t seen a cat jump if you haven’t seen a Savannah cat really jump very high. They tend to be careful about approaching new things. If you bring something home that is new to them, they will take time to get used to it first.

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