What is your cat really eating?

Even though, commercial cat food manufacturers include specific terms on their canned food items such as premium, natural, and super premium, it does not mean that those canned cat foods are of premium quality. The ingredients have to be from animal source.

If you are feeding your cat a considerable amount of these types of food, you may find that your cat is gaining too much weight and getting little exercise. You may be feeding your cat too much unnecessary snacks. It is the same with humans who sit in front of the television and consume hundreds of calories in snacks and then wonder why they are not losing weight. However, as the cat owner, you are the one who is responsible for what your cat is eating so do give cat food in moderation to avoid serious health issues for your cat.

Most cats do have to eat meat to survive nutritionally. Most of their nutrients come from raw meat. So you need to incorporate this into their diet and be careful of those commercial cat food that boast of having quality ingredients because in most cases, this is not so. Watch out for the canned commercial food that reads, “premium,” because it may be laden with cheap grain instead of meat.

Try to avoid giving your cat commercial cat food that have carbohydrates listed in the initial five ingredients.

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