Watch what you feed your cat

A lot of the kinds of food and drink that we, as human beings, consume are not good for our cats. Such foods include coffee, grapes and chocolate and can be very dangerous to your cat’s health and nutrition. The effect of eating any of those foods can create mild symptoms such as indigestion and more severe symptoms like a coma and even dying.

Therefore, it is very important that since you are the cat’s main caretaker, you should have knowledge of the kinds of foods that will cause your cat to have health issues.

Here is a list of the types of foods that you should avoid feeding your cat. Some of them will probably surprise you.

When it comes to giving your cat milk (unless it is a kitten), you should avoid this because most cats have a lactose intolerance and will oftentimes get diarrhea after drinking milk.

Methyl mercury is contained in red tuna that manufacturers use to make canned food. Giving your cat too much tuna will cause your cat to be poisoned by the mercury found in tuna.

Coffee and tea will make your cat vomit and have diarrhea. Grapes can cause damage to your cat’s kidneys. Chocolate and bread dough are not good for your cat. Chocolate causes diarrhea and vomiting as well as tremors. Bread dough leads to gastro-intestinal problems.

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