Thanksgiving homemade cat food recipes

Thanksgiving is coming around soon. It is about three and a half weeks to date and people from all over the United States will be celebrating this momentous occasion and so will you. However, what about your cat? What Thanksgiving surprise can you make for your pet when it comes to homemade cat food recipes? Your cat will be a part of the Thanksgiving celebration, isn’t that the case? Well, what are you going to give your cat – Thanksgiving leftovers or a Thanksgiving meal that you will prepare also?

You will find that a lot of cats love to eat Turkey and so you will prepare a homemade cat food recipe that includes this kind of meat or similar. Your cat will receive protein and other essential nutrients from this type of meal.

For your ingredients, you would include a cup and a half of water, optional iodized salt, two teaspoons of corn oil, a half cup of uncooked brown rice, a half pound of turkey chopped, a quarter cup of finely chopped carrots, and a half cup of spinach; chopped.

You would get a pot and pour the water in it, salt and the uncooked rice. Cook this for about ten minutes and then you would add the other ingredients. Cook for another ten to fifteen minutes. Cool and then store in the refrigerator. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your cat.

For your adorable cat, homemade cat food recipes are the ideal option. To learn more about cat nutrition and diet, click here