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Wellness Chicken Formula for your cat

It can be frustrating for pet owners to trust the pet food industry since the recall in the year 2007. As you begin to do your research, you will discover the kind of trash that pet food manufacturers are producing and calling it cat food. Not all of them are the same because if that was the case, then our pets would go hungry. Not every pet owner would take the time to make homemade cat food recipes for their pets. If you go online and do some research on pet food ratings, you will find that even the cat foods that are said to be premium do not have the nutritious ingredient that your cat needs.

A lot of these cat foods are filled with carcinogens, toxins, by products and ingredients that are cheap and not appropriate for the digestive system of your cats. Some of your pets are eating garbage and it is a travesty. This is why some cats have a short life span or ongoing illnesses such as kidney disease, diabetes and even cancer.

On the market, Wellness has a chicken formula that is high in protein, which is very nutritious for your cat. For a healthier and lively cat, you can try the Wellness Chicken Formula. You probably have to pay a little extra, but your cat is worth it.

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Wellness cat food

The word, “wellness,” describes how nutritional this product could be and many consumers are agreeing. Wellness cat food was created by a veterinarian who knows how important your cat nutrition is. It helps with the cat’s kidney health. It is a dry cat food that is of high quality.

The product does not contain any trace of corn, wheat or soy. It only has sources of animal protein. If you are a cat owner who has a cat with CRF, you should see your vet before giving your cat such a high protein diet. Some cats have allergic reactions to rice, so you don’t want to give your cat this type of dry cat food.

The main ingredients of Wellness cat food is salmon, whitefish, ground rice and ground barley. Also contained in the product is turkey that is deboned. It was created by the vet to maintain consistent urinary track health because of its strong cranberry ingredient. There are no artificial preservatives used in this product.

Wellness cat food is a bonus to optimum health for your cat especially if your cat suffers from kidney problems. Remember to check with your vet if you are attempting to change your cat’s diet.


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