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Cat Scratcher

I bought this Cat Scratching Wave for my cat because the cat had chosen my stair wall as his favorite place to scratch. He adores it! My cat can get his claws right in to the post and it covers the mess he made of my wall. Only problem I have with the product is it only comes with two screws, for the top. I had to put another two in the bottom because he didn't like it when it moved. Once I had added screws…He loves it and my wall looks much better!!!!

Cats can not only scratch their claws using this, but they can actually dig into it and not cause any damage. This is the perfect solution to saving your furniture from your cat’s scratching claws. Your cat can use it to as a perch when it is bored with scratching. It is ideal for any cat that has the animal instinct of scratching and wants a place to do so without your interference.

One of our 2 cats had taken to scratching 2 corners of the wall and ignoring his scratching post. We have got this and it is great!! I've sprayed some catnip onto it and my cats just love it. I can recommend this to anyone with a cat that likes to trim its claws on things it shouldn't.


Cat Walk Rome Cat Climber

Wouldn’t you want to make your cat’s days fun and entertaining? Isn’t it better to have a happy cat than a bored one? The Cat Walk Rome Cat Climber will do the trick. Your cat can climb up and rest or play. While you are at work, you can leave your cat to be entertained on its own.

My young kitten loves this tree house, he loves hiding in it and playing in it. The construction is very good and it is sturdy, and I was able to put it together in a few minutes, with the help of Eddie the kitten. This is good value for someone who has an active cat or a pet owner that wants their cat to become quite active. This is easy to assemble and very sturdy, which means that it will last my cat for a long time. It can be used as an activity centre because it has toys attached to the different levels. Your cat will have so much fun trying to grab and play with the cat toys attached. The cat equally gets the possibility of playing and resting at the same time. You will certainly be satisfied with this purchase. This product is highly recommended.


GoPetClub “Jungle GYM” Cat Tree House

I have had the cat tree up for almost two weeks now, and both of my cats love it. They climb up to the different levels and sleep in all of the compartments. My little cat is like a monkey trapped in a cat's body so she loved it instantly.

The other cat took a couple of days to really love it. My order was shipped quickly and even though the one page instructions looked difficult at first it was actually not hard to put it together after figuring it out. i took the top two ladders off after a week since my big cat (13.5 lbs.) was having a harder time jumping from one level to another because she didn't have enough space to sit. Neither cat used the ladders to climb up anyway.

This cat tree is good for different sized cats because my little one is 7.5 lbs. and my big cat is 13.5 and both have no problems with the size of the compartments. This is definitely a great purchase for energetic and playful cats. My kitty was trying out this cat tree, before it was even totally assembled. He loves it. It went up pretty easily, and is really sturdy once assembled. My kitty loves the baskets, sleeps in the houses, chews on the top, and scratches on the poles. Who could ask for more? I would buy this again. Love it! This is a highly recommend product.


Cat Genie Washable Granules

At first, the cats didn't know quite what to make of it. So, you have to be patient. Set up your cat genie in the bathroom or the laundry room, but keep their litter box nearby. I let the old litter box get a little "dirty" and my cat that is extremely tidy began using the cat genie. The old litter box has gone away with the garbage truck. Now, the cats seem to enjoy watching the cat genie go through its cleaning cycle. Definitely worth the money as it has saved me time and my sanity.

I am really a fan of this litter and the system as a whole. The cats in our house were not immediately sold on the feel of this litter as opposed to clay, so it left us with one cat refusing to use it. (The other cat was on board after a few days.) What we did was take a second box and replace the clay litter in it with the crystal cat litter they sell, which the cat was fine with. Then, after about a week, we removed that box and she had no issues stepping into the cat genie with its litter. (This stuff feels a lot like the crystal litters to me.)

I have no complaints about the litter itself – It is dust free and washes clean after each cycle and it doesn't have to be refilled very often. Get the lid on your box and you will have even less of it being tracked outside. This is a highly recommend product.


Slumber Pet Thermal Cat Mat

Our cats need as much comfort as possible and especially in the winter, we need to keep our cats warm. What better way to do so than to buy this slumber pet thermal cat mat.

I bought this mat for my older cat that was just diagnosed with some kidney issues. I thought the extra bit of heat would be soothing to her. Almost as soon as I got it out of the package she curled up on it. My younger cat loves it as well. He tends to get scared easily so I thought the little crinkling noises the mat makes would startle him. To my surprise, he got on it immediately. The first couple of days after it arrived, he barely left the mat. I'm actually thinking of getting another one so they can each have their own cat mat.

This is certainly a very nice pet pad. Not as loud or "crunchy" as expected. Cats will like it, especially since it can be placed in front of the fireplace. I love the color of the material, and it's big enough for large cats. One of the sides is gray in color with leopard print and the other side is black in color.This product is highly recommended for any cat.