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The Diva Bed – Sasha Me

Do you have a cat or even a dog that just struts around the home looking like a ‘Diva?’ She acts as if she is in control of your domain, right? She is the mistress of the space that you assign to her. And you don’t know what to do for her in order to maintain her diva status, right? Well, you don’t have to be concerned any longer because DCN Lifestyle has created a product that will be excellent for your divine cat or dog. Your cat or dog needs one of these diva beds that this company quite nicely created. Of course, she does! If you want to modernize the way that you cat enjoys nap time or bed time, you should definitely try one of these products.


It shouts comfort from thousands of miles away. Your dog or cat will enjoy the organic cotton covered bed, which is quilted and filled with complete pet fiber made from recycled water bottles. Isn’t that neat? You will also be contributing to the environment when you buy one of these products.

Why not pamper your pet to sleep in peace and be on cloud nine every day of the week? She will curl up into this compact bed and feel at ease. With your purchase of this bed, you will receive a small toy for your pet, which is excellent for traveling. The product will also come in a well-designed drawstring bag. It comes in two colors: navy blue and gray. The dark color makes dirt less visible.

Of course, you will clean it regularly, but not too much that it wears out. It can be washed using a washing machine or you can dry clean it. The front of the bed is designed a little lower than the back. So it is slightly tilted so that your pet can go in and out with ease. The measurement is fifty centimeters by fifty centimeters. The price is economical at $139, which compared to other brands is quite a steal!

Although shipping charges are nonrefundable, DCN Lifestyle offers an iron clad guarantee on their return policy. Once you return the product in its original package and condition within 21 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund. However, the company is confident that you will be completely satisfied with the purchase so why not go over to their website now to make your purchase by CLICKING HERE.

Sturdi Bag Extra Large Divided Pet Carrier

The Sturdi Bag Pet carrier is made specifically for long journeys. Your pet can enjoy both airline and car trips. It is really very sturdy and durable. The height is flexible and it is designed to prevent it from collapsing. It conforms to underneath the seat of airplanes. It is of the highest quality material, light in weight and professionally made. The Sturdi Bad pet carrier will last you for a long time. The handle is made of leather and has adjustable shoulder straps to make it easy to move through the airport, down the stairs and to the car.

A lot of airlines, these days, have limitations in their weight, but with this product, you have the peace of mind to know that you won’t be charged for overweight. It matches the guidelines and compliance of all airlines. You can get this product in various sizes and it has six different models that you can choose from. It is easy and very quick to assemble. You can take along two small pets because of the double compartment that it is made up of. Both the front and the back have mesh doors with double zippers. The front has two side pockets for storage. It comes in seven colors that you can choose from. It is highly recommended for airline travel.

The product is easy to maintain and your pet will enjoy the plush comfort that it gives. Try it today. Click here to ORDER this product from the UK

Woven Pet Caddy

I ordered this pet caddy for my cat and it's just great! It is the perfect size for any cat, but especially for mine. I've seen other beds for sale, and I think this one is the best buy and is an added plus to any home because of how sturdy it is. Makes a great addition to my cat’s furniture collection and it saved me a ton by ordering online. I would definitely suggest purchasing this woven pet caddy, if you have an adorable cat like mine!


This woven caddy can be a pet bed as well as a pet carrier. The design is durable and it makes going to the vet a familiar experience for any cast. Your cat will feel secure and comfortable in it at home and at the vet as well as anywhere else.

The door of the Pet Caddy is removable when you are indoors, but can be safely and securely locked when you are going out.

The design is handmade and very attractive. It accentuates its natural beauty and can add to the décor of any home. Your cat will sleep on a comfortable pillow and feel snug and cozy in your house.

The product is easy to maintain and your pet will enjoy the plush comfort that it gives. Try it today. Click here to ORDER this product from the USA

Cat Radiator Bed from the UK

My cat loves this, the material is his favorite. This was a replacement to his old one which had gone through the washing machine too many times and started to lose bobbles. I am unsure how long it will last as my cat gets dirty and I have to wash his bed a lot. However, the last one lasted 7 years so not bad! The only bad thing is my elderly cat can’t get up into it anymore, and you have to tuck the top material under the wires/ into radiator or otherwise it falls down but once you put up properly you don’t need to re-fix it.

I found it easy to assemble and was also impressed by the prompt delivery. Its appeal also is its white color, which blends with the radiator and doesn't stand out too much. This is a great snuggly beds for kittens but not really for larger heavy cats as my older cat has made it sag a bit. The kittens love them though and will happily sleep for hours in the warmth.

At first the cat did not pay attention to this, but suddenly a week later, I noticed him hopping up onto it independently. He looks the picture of comfort, and it has taken the place of his former bed. I am thinking of getting one for another room in the house, so he has a few options. I would highly recommend it!


Cat Panic Mouse from the UK

The cat loves it; he sits next to it waiting for me to turn it on. The various settings are good, with the random movements. It also stops for a few seconds, leaving the cat wondering what's happened, and then starts up again, which keeps him interested. The only downside is that once he grabs the rubbery end of the wand in his mouth, he has a tendency to pull on it, (as if he were tearing the flesh of his prey), and sometimes he pulls with such force that the wand becomes dislodged from the unit.

So you shouldn't leave the cat unattended with it, but it is fun to watch him anyway, so it's not a problem to keep having to put the wand back on. The reason I bought this is that both our cats have always enjoyed chasing a stick waggled from under the rug or cushion, just showing the tip of it, and the toy has lived up to its expectations.

We used it when we had guests and wanted to eat in peace and she could play with it for hours and always complained when we put it away. After a few months, she still loves it, but gets bored with it after a while. This is the best entertainment for both you and your cat. This cat toy won’t be ignored by your cat. I give it a five star.