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Buy the Leopard Cat Tree Condo House

Now that you have to find something else to keep your cat occupied, you may want to try this Leopard Cat Tree Condo House. It has a unique look and appearance that will entice your curious cat. It does have a scratching post where your furry feline can hang out, scratch and stretch. This is the perfect bedding for your cat as well and he will stop sitting in your sofa. Pets like to be pampered and cats can get spoiled, if you allow it, but why not? A lot of people don’t understand how important a pet is to the home. Cats and dogs are like family and many pet owners take their care very seriously.

Excellent purchase

When you buy this product, you will have made a good purchase because the price is cost effective. The product is also durable and will last you for a long time. It is easy to assembly (takes only about ten minutes altogether), which makes it worth your while. The cardboard material is robust and well made. This is ideal for a small kitten, but your adult cat may find it appealing and comfortable because it is so functional with fabulous aesthetics. Fast delivery is guaranteed and it is well packed, which means less damage during shipping. Your cat will love it- he will scratch at the rope, spin the rope at the bottom, bat the balls and climb all over the cat tree condo.


The color of this beautiful product is leopard; with wooden board covered with faux fur. There is a round house that measures ten inches in diameter and twelve inches long. It is eighteen inches wide and seventeen a half inches in length and twenty eight inches in height. There are two hanging balls that come with the product. Tools and instructions are included. Natural sisal rope covers the posts and can be used for scratching. You may have to show your feline how to use this. Because of the fur material, it is easy to vacuum. It can fit comfortably in a corner of your living room. In fact, it can spruce up your décor with its plush leather.


Your cat can sit on the perch and view the outdoors as well as sharpen her claws or sleep or hide away in the tunnel area. Your cat will be happy and pleased with this purchase. It is the perfect birthday gift for your furry feline or if you just want to give your pet her own scratching area and new bedding. If you have kids, they will love dragging it around the house. So get yours today by CLICKING HERE!

Buy The Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

OK, so you have been a cat owner for years and you possibly have more than one cat in our home or apartment. If you needed help with the way in which your cat ‘goes out,’ then the best thing for you is a litter box that cleans itself. You want to choose one that controls odor, gives an automatic clean, has carbon filters, and gives you less to do in your daily routine. You don’t’ want a product where you experience spills or clogs and a lot of cleaning.

Saving time and money

You need to splurge on a good litter box that will last for a long time. You don’t want one of those cheap litter boxes or your neighbor may start complaining about the smelly odor that is coming through the open window where you place the cat litter box. Purchasing this litter Box will not only save you money, but time spent cleaning your pet’s litter. This is the best way to spend your money on something that will make your life easier. Your problems with those regular litter boxes will be solved!

With this litter box, you will no longer have trouble with small cat litter granules in your bed or on your furniture because this product allows you to use different types of substitute litter. You won’t smell any odors lingering because the deposited waste goes into a sealed container. You can also buy some of those odor controlled trash bags as an additional solution.

You don’t have to constantly slave over the litter box. You don’t have to deal with emptying trays every day – you can do it once every three days. You can add fresh litter every other day without any issues. < Simple and easy It will be a breeze to wash and sanitize your litter box. All you do is to take it out in the backyard and hose it down easily. Most of the area for litter has a lined rubber, which is heavy duty. That means that it can take a power wash, nothing sticks to it and you get everything out. The design is simple and the product is durable. The best thing is that your cat will want to climb on the inside all the time. In fact, it might be the favorite place where your cats like to hang out every day. When the cat goes inside the litter globe or chamber, the cat’s presence will be detected by the weight-activated radar. Once the cat is inside for seven minutes, a clean cycle begins with the globe slowly rotating counter clockwise. This rotation helps to sieve and isolate the clumps from the unsoiled litter. All the waste is then deposited inside a large drawer, which is lined with a garbage bag that you would use in a kitchen. The rotating globe goes back to its original position with clean litter for subsequent use. Conclusion In the Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, you won’t find a rake or wire to clog or break down litter. It is simple to set up, strong and constructed to provide long lasting service. The product has a guaranteed eighteen month warranty and within thirty days of purchasing the product, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price, but you won’t have to do this because the product has already been proven to work effectively for many cat owners. So get yours today by CLICKING HERE!

Is your cat shedding?

When you live with a four footed feline, it will teach you one or more things about how to deal with cat hair. The issue will become apparent if you become humiliated when your guest stands up from the dinner table with a big cotton ball of hair! How do you rid your home of substantial amounts of pet hair; enough to make sure that none of your subsequent guests will be affected while visiting your home?


The process of shedding helps to remove unwanted hair from your cat’s body. This happens to allow for new and healthy hair growth. The well-being of your cat is essential to having healthy coat. The cat’s coat offers protection from the sun as well as from any physical shock. Additionally, shedding will regulate the body temperature of your cat.

Outdoor cats

If your cat spends a lot of time outdoors, then shedding will take place in the spring or summer time. Amazingly, shedding is not due to the temperature fluctuations, but instead by the kind of photoperiod exposure. Cats that live indoor will shed the same way throughout the year because of the exposure to artificial light; causing their bodies will be confused of the seasonal changes.

Even though, shedding is normal and healthy, as a pet owner, you should have concern when you see excessive shedding. There are several medical conditions that result in excessive hair loss. Some of these include:

·         Parasites

·         Allergies

·         Bacterial Infections

·         Abnormalities with hormone

If your cat’s coat shows any scabs or bald spots, you should immediately go to a veterinarian.

Tips for reducing the shedding:

Regular brushing– Regular brushing of your cat’s coat for a few minutes daily should be your main focus. Of course, the daily brushing won’t get rid of the shedding, but the accumulated hair in the brush won’t be all over your house. Additionally, if your cat’s coat is matted, brushing will detangle it. If your cat has short hair, brush at least once each week. Select a brush specifically for your cat’s coat.

You can use anti-shedding wipes if your cat doesn’t like to be brushed. However, bear in mind that these wipes are not as effective as the use of a brush. Never force an unwilling cat to brush. The cat will feel stressed and this will only cause more shedding. 

Nutrition and Diet – Additional shedding can be caused by poor nutritious. You should always ensure that your cat receives a well-balanced and quality meal each day.  Select a brand that has a high level of protein and doesn’t have any by-products or grain fillers.

Get rid of stress– Has your cat shed during a vet’s visit? If so, it may be due to the fact that your cat associates stress to a vet’s visit. Your cat may find other situations stressful such as confronting other cats, environment changes and being left alone for long periods of time. Reduce any stressful situation and take care of your cat’s health.

Tips to cleaning areas with pet hair:

Furniture and floor – What area in your home does your cat hang out? Place towels or cloth in those areas. Doing so will allow you to gather up a towel or cloth and get it washed. You won’t have to clean up hair on furniture or floors prior to the arrival of the guests.

Regularly vacuum and dust floors – If you don’t regularly vacuum or dust your floors, hair will get all over the house. Carpeted areas in the home are prone to holding pet hair. Use a Swiffer on your floors instead of a broom. It will sweep the floor more effectively. 

Lint rollers– Lint rollers help to get hair off of sofas, clothing and other furniture.

Moist towel– Use a moist towel to get rid of cat hair on your fabric furniture. Wipe the whole sofa, for example, in a circular motion. The damp texture of the towel will catch the hair and roll it in a ball to be easily disposed.


Be mindful that shedding is a typical and healthy experience for cats. Even though, you are unable to completely stop the cat’s shedding by using these simple methods, you can use them to manage and maintain your feline’s hairy situation.

If you have a furry feline, CLICK HERE to learn more about maintaining all aspects of your cat's life.

Top Australian Wines – you are reading right

Top Australian Wines Pty Ltd has bought out some wine from Passing Clouds winery and dedicated it to The Queensland Flood Relief.


$5 from each bottle will go the the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal


Tasting notes:




Good deep red, with some young lighter ruby edges to it.




Quite an intense nose. This wine shows complexity, well handled ripe fruit and good wine making skill. There is a lifted floral perfume, and underlying mix of spice, tar and inky-ness. Ripe red berries, great depth and intensity. Blood plums, great fruit presence.



The wine presents all the concepts of the nose through to the palate with the added dimensions of oak derived texture and a great lasting length. The spice blossoms on the palate and is well balanced by the fruit, and tannins, which are not aggressive, but present as a young wine. The finish of the wine is lasting, but well balanced where no component is dominating. A good wine with a solid core of ripe fruit and good palate texture and presence.


Only $24.99 per bottle and can be purchased here:




Please note that due to the nature of the sale of this wine there will be no discount on dozen or large volume purchases.