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Buy the Leopard Cat Tree Condo House

Now that you have to find something else to keep your cat occupied, you may want to try this Leopard Cat Tree Condo House. It has a unique look and appearance that will entice your curious cat. It does have a scratching post where your furry feline can hang out, scratch and stretch. This is the perfect bedding for your cat as well and he will stop sitting in your sofa. Pets like to be pampered and cats can get spoiled, if you allow it, but why not? A lot of people don’t understand how important a pet is to the home. Cats and dogs are like family and many pet owners take their care very seriously.

Excellent purchase

When you buy this product, you will have made a good purchase because the price is cost effective. The product is also durable and will last you for a long time. It is easy to assembly (takes only about ten minutes altogether), which makes it worth your while. The cardboard material is robust and well made. This is ideal for a small kitten, but your adult cat may find it appealing and comfortable because it is so functional with fabulous aesthetics. Fast delivery is guaranteed and it is well packed, which means less damage during shipping. Your cat will love it- he will scratch at the rope, spin the rope at the bottom, bat the balls and climb all over the cat tree condo.


The color of this beautiful product is leopard; with wooden board covered with faux fur. There is a round house that measures ten inches in diameter and twelve inches long. It is eighteen inches wide and seventeen a half inches in length and twenty eight inches in height. There are two hanging balls that come with the product. Tools and instructions are included. Natural sisal rope covers the posts and can be used for scratching. You may have to show your feline how to use this. Because of the fur material, it is easy to vacuum. It can fit comfortably in a corner of your living room. In fact, it can spruce up your décor with its plush leather.


Your cat can sit on the perch and view the outdoors as well as sharpen her claws or sleep or hide away in the tunnel area. Your cat will be happy and pleased with this purchase. It is the perfect birthday gift for your furry feline or if you just want to give your pet her own scratching area and new bedding. If you have kids, they will love dragging it around the house. So get yours today by CLICKING HERE!