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Cat Carrying Bag from the UK

This carrier is brilliant. As soon as my 15 week old kitten climbed into it he started purring. It's so easy to cart around because you can carry it by hand or tuck the straps over your shoulder. My kitten seemed to feel perfectly safe and happy in it even on a loud rattling bus over bumpy roads.

It is a great size for now, but I am not sure that a fully grown larger cat would be as comfortable in it, although it would probably still be fine for shorter trips as there is pretty of room for curling up, but maybe not so much for standing and stretching for a bigger cat. Excellent purchase if you have to travel by bus….the regular pet carriers are so bulky so this gets massive thumbs up from me!

My kitten enjoys his outings in his furry cat carrier. He's always quiet in it (well, apart from announcing when he needs to use a litter tray – useful to know! The bag is washable; all you have to do is to just remove the wipe off panels first.

It might not stand up to frequent washes though; I noticed some of the stitching started to come undone after the first wash.) I love the way he is cleverly hidden as a black kitten in a black bag. He can see out but no one knows I'm carrying a cat around with me, even dogs (and children) don't seem to be able to sense him nearby. It is fabulous.


Cat Tree Condo Bed

This cat condo is beautiful and very easy to put together. It was a very sturdy and durable product.

My cats absolutely love it. They are sleeping on it right now while I am writing this review. The first one to get there claims the highest perch and the other one has to sleep on the lower ones. They play with the mice toys and have a ton of fun with them. They both love the little houses, too.

Therefore, I will give this a five-star review. You won't find a tall monster gym like this for a better price. I've checked. I'll see how it does over the next year or so. If it holds up well, I'll get two more.

It took only a couple of hours for all four of our cats to warm up to their new toy. At first they seemed unsure or, afraid of it. But once we sprinkled a bit of cat nip and placed a few of their other toys in various places on it; I think they realized then that the tree did in fact belong to them and now I can't keep them off of it! They love the two mice that are hanging from the tree and they've been batting it all day and night long. They also love to dive off of it too. I finally got my bed back. Now, they’re spoiled. What can I say??


Cat Paw Cleaner

My two kittens were immediately curious about this mat as soon as they saw it. They sniffed it and weren't afraid of it. They didn't avoid it by jumping over it, as some other reviewers wrote about when reporting their felines' experiences with it. Your mileage may vary. It traps the loose kitty litter just fine. It is really easy to clean. I'm pleased with this purchase. I just dump the loose litter on it into the garbage. My only wish is that it had been a little bigger so that even more litter would be removed from their paws.

The product works great. It keeps the vast majority of the litter on the mat instead of tracking it through the house. One of our cats is long haired (on the bottom of his paws as well) so we still get some debris transported. However, our cats are able to use the mat to remove the litter before they leave the room.

The reason I bought this mat was for exactly that! It does help to keep litter from the general area of the litter pan. I think it must be far more comfortable for my cats then standing on scattered litter. However, you know felines! One of my cats is Afraid to step on it but steps over it. It is comfortable on their pads. I actually use one outside my apartment door with a bed for strays on top. It's just the right size and the bed never gets wet or dirty this way. I am so glad I got two.


Cat Muzzles

There will come a time when your cat needs to be muzzled so that you can cut its nails or other aspects of cat care.

Cutting our cats nails used to be a dangerous endeavor. With the muzzle on we didn't have to worry about her teeth getting us, just the claws. She was still a handful but without the muzzle we would be paying big bucks for the vet to do the trimming several times a year. Then we got the Cat Sack. We can just have the paw being worked on out and the others are in the nylon bag where they can't hurt us. She looks pitiful with her little executioners mask and flopping around in her kitty straight jacket but it works.

As for the size of the nose opening for breathing, we have no worries about that. The fabric itself is breathable, the opening isn't all that small, the muzzle doesn't fit that tightly so air can get in around the perimeter and it is only on the cat for a few minutes.

This is the best purchase I have made recently!! I have been fighting with my kitty for 14 years when it comes to nail trimming. I put the muzzle on and kitty just completely relaxed. I was able to trim all nails on all four paws with no stress to kitty or myself!!


Cat clipper combs

We bought these combs to clip a variety of 4-H animals, and they are perfect for the job. We needed a variety of sizes to fit on our Andis clippers, and this set has not failed us. We call these combs "guards". They fit over the clipper head to customize the length of hair left on the animal. This set probably has more than we will need, but you never know, and for the price, you can't go wrong.

The guards clip firmly over the clipper head, and stay in place. If I wanted to be ultra-picky, I would say that the package they come in is a pain in the neck. It's just hard to store them in. So ours wound up loose in the tack box. But that is being ultra-picky. These guards are well-made and give you exactly what you need in a variety of situations.

Read some of reviews and was skeptical if these combs would fit my Andis AGC 2 clipper. I was delighted to find that they fit PERFECTLY and are sturdy, nice combs. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has the same clippers – they are a bit tricky to get on initially, but once you get them on once its smooth sailing.  Again, I would highly recommend them.