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Cat Pillow Pet for Your Valentine

It is one day away for Valentine, but you can grab this Pillow Pet for your child or your special Valentine. Better to give it late or never. The pillow pets have a soft fabric flap that folds over the scratchy part of the Velcro when the pillow is open. To close the pillow pet, you have to fold the fabric back to expose the scratchy Velcro again. This is actually one of my favorite features on the pillow pets, since it means that my little one won't scratch her face on the Velcro when she's sleeping on her pillow pet!

I recently bought three pillow pets for my daughter, son, and nephew. They absolutely love their new pets! We purchased the bunny, the Dalmatian, and the cat. The cat is definitely not the cutest of the three, but my son still loves it.

These are so soft and cuddly. And when open, the 18-inch pillow pet is plenty large enough for a small child's head. We couldn't be happier!

My friend’s daughter wanted a kitty pillow pet so badly and she wasn't able to find one anywhere until this one and then she ordered it, but didn't know if it would make it to us in time for Christmas. However, it did and it was exactly what she wanted. It is of great quality. The Pillow Pet Kitty is adorable. They are still so pleased with it.