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KatKabin Outdoor Cat House

The KatKabin Outdoor cat house is perfectly designed to fit any cat. It is to be used as an outdoor shelter and quite out of character; it is extremely lightweight and compact. Your cat will feel warm even in ‘nippy,’ weather. It is simple and easy to clean and will keep all types of weather out. Your cat won’t even realize that it is raining, snowing or windy. You can also use it indoor. This is how versatile it is. It has a single door that is stylish. It is sturdy, although light. The shape of it is unique and feline-like. The KatKabin will be secure on any kind of leveled ground.

It comes with a cushion and flap door. You can also get it in a double door, but by special order. It comes in several colors; chocolate brown being the favorite color. It is the ideal shelter for a cat that has been abandoned or is on the wild side. You can also use it for your cat’s enjoyment and relaxation. The color will not fade even though it sits in various kinds of weather.

The product is easy to maintain and your pet will enjoy the plush comfort that it gives. Try it today. Click here to ORDER this product from the UK