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Your cat’s activity and health – Part Two

As a pet owner, you must make sure that your cat is getting enough activity. If you don’t, you will end up having an overweight cat that will be constantly sick. When your cat is active, you will know what types of food to give your cat. An active cat will eat lots of protein such as chicken, lamb and fish especially if there are no allergies. If you are on a tight budget, then the cheaper choice of protein would be chicken. With allergies, lamb would be the ideal choice.

Depending on the energy level of your cat, the ingredients in your cat’s food becomes quite important. Read the cat food label to see what kind of stuff those pet manufacturers are putting into it. You don’t want to buy cat food that has fillers. You want cat food that is wholesome and has superior ingredients. You may want to know what fillers really are. Well, pet manufacturers will stuff the cat food with things like corn or rice. This is not good for your cat because it is not easy to digest and does not have any nutrients that will help your cat’s health. If you are preparing homemade cat food recipes, then you can certainly add a little rice and corn, but in moderation. Too much rice and corn will make your cat fat.

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Your cat’s activity and health – Part One

There are so many variations of cat food brands on the market these days. No wonder it is difficult for many pet owners to select the best cat food that is right for their pet. When it comes to making that choice, there are three things that pet owners need to consider before taking that trip to the pet supermarket or grocery store. The three things are proteins, the ingredients and your cat’s weight and activity.

You should think about your cat’s weight and so the activity of your cat has a lot also to do with the weight as well as the food that your cat eats. The reason why your cat’s activity is so important to the foods is that when a cat is active, that cat needs more calories to maintain the level of energy. A cat that is overweight does not need as much calories because that cat has to get help to lose the weight by giving fewer calories.

Your cat’s activity

Is your cat sleeping a lot? Does your cat spend more time indoors or outdoors? Does your cat play with toys? Does your cat wander from room to room or just stays in one area of your home? The evaluation and answers to these questions will tell you what kind of food your cat needs.

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Healthy eating for your feline friend

When you look at the food labels for cat’s food, you will find that they lack so many valuable ingredients such as meat, which is the main protein source of nutrition for cats. They are loaded with animal by products, wheat and glutens. Instead of depending on manufacturers to dictate the essential ingredients that my cat should receive, I just buy the thigh of the chicken or maybe the chicken breast. I will make sure that I debone the chicken thigh. Never give your cat any type of bone. You can choose either white chicken meat or dark chicken meat. I cut them into small pieces; about the size of an eraser. I test to see if my cat likes raw meat. If not, I have the option to blend the meat in a food processor. I can opt to cook the meat with other ingredients after I have blended it. I can roll into balls and bake for my cat.

Go organic

You cat can eat as healthy as you want. Trying organic cat food is another option. Of course, that does not mean that you will give your cat vegetables. Cats get no nutritional value from vegetables. However, you can use organic meat. It has no artificial or chemical additives in it. The vitamins and minerals are adequately preserved as well.

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How food affects your cat’s life

Food does affect your cat’s health and existence in a significant way. Cat food is designed to handle particular nutritional requirements for cats. Taurine, for example, is an essential amino acid that cats have to receive. Without it, they will be ill.

Cats that are older generally should receive their feeding up to two times for the day. However, as pet owners, we have to make sure that the cat receives food that has real meat and does not contain any corn or wheat. Animal by product is also something to avoid as well as anything that contains artificial flavors. Don’t feed your older cats with milk.

You may give your cat either wet food or dry food, but make sure that you are aware of the ingredients contained. It is more important that you know what the nutritional level is in the food that you feed your cat than whether the food is wet or dry.

For kittens, you can use formulas that will supplement the kitten’s diet. KMR milk is generally given to kittens during the early periods of existence.

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Skin problems in cats

Is your cat constantly scratching and licking the skin? It could be that your cat has a skin problem. Cats are vulnerable to skin infections and allergies like people are. Cats don’t have to be concerned about ruining a night at the prom by having a pimple, but this does affect them. Cats have acne the same way teenagers do, but you don’t hear them complaining, do you? Some of the causes for acne in cats can be stress, believe it or not; bad grooming, allergy to specific medication and other underlying condition of the skin. If the condition persists, take your feline friend to the vet. The vet may suggest buying a special shampoo, antibiotic or other remedy to clear up the acne break out.

If your cat has any type of infection related to bacteria, the hair follicles of your cat will be the most vulnerable. Antibiotics can treat this, but your vet will try to find out what the underlying problem is to avoid any reoccurrence.

Cats also are affected by yeast infection. You did not think so, did you? You thought that only humans did. Behind the ear is the spot where you will find a yeast infection in your cat. The ear flaps will get red and discolored. You will see your cat constantly scratching the ear. Yeast infection is a fungus that affects cats and so is ringworm. Ringworms are contagious and tend to affect kittens that are less than one year old.

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