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Watch what you feed your cat

A lot of the kinds of food and drink that we, as human beings, consume are not good for our cats. Such foods include coffee, grapes and chocolate and can be very dangerous to your cat’s health and nutrition. The effect of eating any of those foods can create mild symptoms such as indigestion and more severe symptoms like a coma and even dying.

Therefore, it is very important that since you are the cat’s main caretaker, you should have knowledge of the kinds of foods that will cause your cat to have health issues.

Here is a list of the types of foods that you should avoid feeding your cat. Some of them will probably surprise you.

When it comes to giving your cat milk (unless it is a kitten), you should avoid this because most cats have a lactose intolerance and will oftentimes get diarrhea after drinking milk.

Methyl mercury is contained in red tuna that manufacturers use to make canned food. Giving your cat too much tuna will cause your cat to be poisoned by the mercury found in tuna.

Coffee and tea will make your cat vomit and have diarrhea. Grapes can cause damage to your cat’s kidneys. Chocolate and bread dough are not good for your cat. Chocolate causes diarrhea and vomiting as well as tremors. Bread dough leads to gastro-intestinal problems.

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Having a cat as a pet

Cats are excellent feline pals. If you have a cat as a pet, you know how they love to cuddle up against you. In fact, some cat owners keep their cats in their beds. A lot of cat hair can be the result, but they don’t mind. Other people will not have a cat as a pet because they are allergic to those cat hairs and cannot handle having a cat in their home.

Some people prefer to have a dog as a pet, but dogs require more food at a time than cats do. Cats also don’t bark as loud as dogs do. Cats and dogs tend to be good friends when they are in a home together. Domesticating them does the trick, but when not domesticated, they can be real enemies. If you have a dog and a cat in your home, be sure to treat them the same. Don’t for one minute think that animals are not sensitive especially cats.

Your pets are like children. They give unconditional love and expect to receive the same.

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Homemade recipe for your cat – Chicken Delight Cheeseburger

You can try this recipe at home for your cat. It is a cheeseburger made with chicken. You know that cats thrive better nutritionally when they eat meat, so in every diet, you should try to include meat for the essential protein and nutrients that your cat needs.

The ingredients

  • Two ounces of ground beef
  • Two ounces of finely chopped chicken
  • One tablespoon of chicken soup in a can
  • Two ounces whole grain bread crumbs or oatmeal
  • One small carrot – cook until it is well cooked
  • One egg
  • Half cup of cheese that is grated


You are going to ground, mash, or chop the chicken. The beef should be finely grounded. Combine the mashed chicken, ground beef and soup with the bread crumbs or the oatmeal. Mash the cooked carrot and the egg. Add to the mixture.  You are now going to create small burgers with the mixture. Bring to a broil, sprinkle the grated cheese and then broil it again until you see that the cheese is melted. Let it cool, but not too cold. As long as you can touch it with your hands and it is lukewarm, your cat can eat it.

Your cat will enjoy this tasty recipe!!

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The mystery in cat food ingredients

You get an empty cart at the entrance of the grocery store. You find the aisle that carries pet food. You just adopted a kitten and this is your first trip to the grocery store to pick up cat food for your kitten. As you push the cart down the aisle, you are surprised at how many choices you have. Where on earth did all these bag and canned foods appear from? You see all kinds of brands and you don’t know which one to choose. It is quite confusing. As you read a little further, you see ingredients such as by-product and locust bean. What is a by-product and locust bean anyway, you ponder? Your intention was to get in and out of the grocery store quickly, but now this is turning out to be a cat food exam. You want to understand it all, but have no clue.

Looking behind you, there is another shopper positioned in the same aisle to grab a brand of cat food. This was your queue to approach the person and ask about the brand and why they choose it for their cat. After five minutes talking to the stranger, you are shocked to see how little you knew about taking care of this cat, but you were willing to learn. You decide to do your own research, but why do that when you can go to https://foodformycat.com to learn more about what is best for your kitten and cat as it relates to nutrition, recipes and care.

Do you have too many cats?

I just read a story online and could not believe my eyes. The news story from a reputable online newspaper indicated that an eighty two year old woman in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia was found with 25 live cats and 82 dead cats packaged in her freezer. The incident happened last November. Government officials raided her house upon the complaints of neighbors. They allowed her to keep three of the cats. Would you do that if you were law enforcement? I guess they felt bad about leaving her to live alone without her cats, but what if she does the same thing again? Animal cruelty is unacceptable no matter what age you are.

How many cats should a pet owner have in the first place? I personally think it should be enough for them to manage both financially and daily. With too many cats, you may not be able to give them all the same care and attention that they need. It is obvious that the eighty two year old woman loved cats and seemed to be a lonely woman who craved for companionship. She probably thought that the more cats she had the less lonely she would be. However, what about the cat’s welfare? Doesn’t that matter too? What was she going to do with the frozen cats anyway? I don’t even want to know.

You must make a decision to have as many cats as you can take care of. Don’t let your heart rule your wisdom. Cats need us to care for them the right way including giving them the appropriate nutrition that they need, vet visits and love.

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