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SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber Review

It is obvious that someone should have thought about this sooner, right? Every cat loves to climb so why not get one of these cat step ladders or climbers that you can hang on any basic door in your home? This cat climber was manufactured by Smartcat and it is the ideal choice for cat owners who live in a small space or people who are tired of swapping their end tables for the old-fashioned cat tree.

You know how much your cat scratches all the time and that this can damage your furniture. With this product, your cat can do more than just scratch. It can sleep and climb as well as safely exercise using this product. You can move this step climber from one door to the next because it comes with a system that has a spring loaded bracket. Your cat will use the natural sisal post to scratch all day long. .

Features and Benefits

The product dimensions are 9 x 6 x 82 inches and it weighs 31.4 pounds. With four levels, it looks modern and is an innovative piece of furniture that no one will know is behind your door, but you and your cat. Up to three cats can easily fit on and share one of these products.

The product is manufactured using durable and strong wood. The climber can withstand many years of use. You can have as many of them as you want in your home. For example, if you have three cats, you can buy three of these products and put them on the back of different doors in your home. You can switch them up at any time and put them in different places around the house. Your cat will love the fun and adventure of finding them.

The cat ladder is multi-level and again it takes up little room in your home. When you take it out of the box, you will find it easy to put together. Once you assemble and hang it, the cat is ready to jump up on it. While the platforms may not be that large, it can still easily fit an adult cat that weighs less than nine pounds. Your cat will be able to stretch its length while scratching using the sisal rope. If your cat has been declawed, you may have to help your cat to get up that high and also to come down.

The price is economical for what you can get out of this product. When you have guests over, you don’t have to worry about your cat jumping up on your window sill or your sofa. Your cat will be minding its own business and enjoying its own space and time. If you own a large home, these can still work to save your furniture.


To summarize, if the space in your home is limited and space is essential to you, then this smart climber is absolutely worth every cent that you spend on it. Your cats will love it and will use it every day. To purchase this SmartCat product, CLICK HERE

Cat Cave Bed in the UK

I bought two of these beds for my two cats this past Christmas. I bought it because one of my cats is elderly and has a bit of arthritis in her hips. I wanted a cat bed that would block the draft from her back and keep her snug so I'm really pleased with this. The beds themselves are really well made and very cozy and plush, with a removable inner cushion that can be washed if needed, so great value for money. Mine came in a flattened state that required plumping up.

At least they look better than scruffy blankets when we have guests! As cat beds are all quite expensive these days, the cheaper ones being pretty sad affairs, I'd say that the price for these cave beds is very good, even for the financially challenged like me!

My friend bought one too and said that it was a Beautiful cat bed, with excellent value and quality, but it could not fit one of her cats that were very large. However, her other cat loves it and as she is smaller it is just right for her.

It is really good value and excellently made – and if you put your hand inside it, it is like a very soft cuddly fleece – no wonder they love it – and it is a private place they can snuggle down for the night (or day if they are like my cats!) It is of the highest quality and looks durable and very stylish. I know your cats will love it too!


Washroom Pet House for your cat

This is a very nicely built piece of white laminate furniture for the bathroom. Just about the right size and the cats seem to like it. This item was very easy to assemble and is very eye appealing. The only negative thing I could say about this item is that it scratches very easily, so use care when assembling. I am going to have to paint this washroom soon because there are scratches from assembly and normal wear and tear. It is overall, a very nice cat washroom.

I purchased this product because I was tired of seeing a litter box. It is PERFECT! It is in my hallway and nobody knows what is in it. When I tell people it is my cat’s bathroom, they think it as absolutely adorable. Again, the assembly was easy and it was of a great quality, which means it should last my cat for a very long time and I know he would like that. He loves it so much that I can hardly get him out of there. This is an excellent way to hide the fact that this is indeed a litter box.

The price was affordable and I get to keep the ugly litter box out of my living room especially when guests come over. It is also a great gift for a cat owner. I bought one for my sister. She and her cat loved it.


Track Cat Toy

I have a genius cat who likes to take things apart, and he hasn't bothered it. My female cat, who weighs around 12lbs, belly flopped right on top of it in pursuit of the ball and it stood up fine to that. I also accidentally ran over it with my knee while crawling on the floor to retrieve something. It came out unscathed.

It took my kitten a little while to figure the toy out, but he's really young and he's still figuring out everything. Now he loves it. He likes to shove the ball under the arch and tries to yank it out of the track with both paws. (He must spend at *least* an hour with it a day.) He also puts his toy mice in the track and shoves them around.

The female cat plays with the toy now that she has seen how much fun the kitten has. I really recommend having part of the track arch over another part because shoving the ball under there seems to be the highlight of their day. I also sent this toy to my mom's cat who is so lazy that the only thing he can do is sleep and eat. And guess what? He likes that. He still lies down to play though 🙂

I think this toy is worth every penny I paid for it. Cats find it entertaining and being able to change the shape of the track keeps them from getting bored with it.


Smart Cat Climber

I've had it for about a year now, and I couldn't be happier. It fits perfectly on my closet door, allowing the cat to jump up on top of the closet, or to hang around on the shelves while I throw toys to her. It's just such a fun little addition to my apartment, and provides maximum fun per square inch of space for the cat. I also carried it home by myself and put it together totally alone (and I'm a little weakling) so that was very nice!

I don't find it to be rickety as other reviewers have said. I actually prefer the design that doesn't have one long board, since it takes up less space and it will be less heavy and bulky when I eventually move. It also saves on shipping costs, I assume. Nevertheless, I think the reviewers are right that the design makes it a little noisier, since it is not one long board sitting against the door, but several that are all individually joined together. I do hear whenever the cat jumps up on the shelf.

Actually, this might also be a function of the spring on the top that allows you to connect it to your door, so when the cat jumps up, it probably causes the whole thing to move a little. So anyway, that seems to be the only problem with the thing. It's really not so bad on mine though. Mine actually does lie perfectly flatly against the door, unlike some other reviewers, and it seems very sturdy, so maybe I got lucky. I imagine it will last for so many years, since it shows no signs of wear as of yet, aside from the carpet that the kitty scratched up.

Anyway, if you don't have space for a cat tree, or don't want to try to balance one of those tall ones precariously against the ceiling (talk about unsafe!) this is a great alternative. It takes up practically no space at all, and it looks seriously nice and clean. And of course, the kitty will love it!!! That is worth the cost for me alone!!! Have fun!