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SleepyPod Extra Bedding

Put your cat into this Sleepypod Extra bedding with its comfort and coolness. Your cat will love this, especially on a hot summer day. Shearling bedding is excellent during the winter months and for temperatures that are modern, but during the hot summer months, your cat would feel like it is burning. You want to give your cat a nice lounging area to get some well needed relief from the summer heat.

The material that makes up the SleepyPod Air Mesh allows added ventilation and air circulation around your pet. It is very durable and the polyester mesh is easy to zip up. The Ultra Plush Shearling is added to this product to use for colder weather. This is a complete bedding gear for your cat that you probably won’t find anywhere else. In addition, you can use it away from home too because it is so easy to pack and go.

When the Air Mesh is in use, you can store the Ultra Plush bedding conveniently under the foam bed. The material is easy to maintain using a quick vacuum or you can wipe it with a dampened cloth.

The product is easy to maintain and your pet will enjoy the ideal comfort that it gives. Try it today. Click here to ORDER this product from the USA