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Recipes to make at home for your cat

We all are aware by now that you can make homemade cat recipes for your cat, but the only drawback is that you may not have the recipes to choose from. Below you will find a recipe that you can use today, but you can also grab the cat food recipe guide at http://www.foodformycat.com, which has multiple recipes that are easy to prepare.

Be sure to include additional vitamins and minerals in addition to the recipes that you prepare. Ask your veterinarian for those little vitamin and mineral biscuits that you can feed your cat when you are giving your cat homemade cat food. Your cat needs the extra vitamin and mineral that a homemade cat food meal alone may not provide.

Here is one good homemade cat food recipe to start you off:

The ingredients for the first recipe are two slices of broiled bacon. Make sure it is not smoked bacon. Then one cup of brown rice; cooked, two teaspoon of soy sauce, one fresh mackerel; cleaned, scaled and cut the head and tail off.

Preparing this recipe is easy. What you will do is to chop up the bacon into small pieces and mix it into the rice; after which you will add the sauce. The mackerel should be broiled until it is crispy on both sides. Cool the mackerel and then take your knife to slit it in half to open it. Debone it and then put the combined rice and bacon into the opening. Close the sides and serve it to your cat.

You can look for other cat recipes online, but why do that when you can go to https://foodformycat.com to learn more about what is best for your kitten and cat as it relates to nutrition, recipes and care.

Homemade cat food recipes that you can try

Not all pet owners take the time to know what kinds of ingredients are in the commercial cat food that they are buying and giving to their cats. Some have realized it especially since the 2007 pet food recall. A lot of cat owners have resorted to homemade cat food recipes. Here are a few that you can try.

First recipe

The ingredients are two ounces of lean ground beef, one third cup of instant cooked rice, two teaspoons of fish oil, a quarter teaspoon of ground bone meal, a quarter teaspoon of salt, a pinch of taurine (which is essential protein for your cat), and a half vitamin/mineral tablet.

The instructions are to bake or fry the ground beef in fish oil. Combine all of the other ingredients, but leave out the vitamin/mineral tablet. Mix everything well and then serve it with the tablet (you can opt to mix the tablet with the food also).

Second recipe

For the ingredients use, two cans of tuna, approximately one half cup of cooked rice, one tablespoon of spinach, one quarter cup of milk and a pinch of garlic. Combine everything into a cooking pan and cook for ten minutes and after it cools, mash it up finely. You can store the remainder in the refrigerator for later use. You can give your cats this hot meal during the evening time and other dry cat food during the day time.

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A homemade cat breakfast meal

Breakfast is an important meal for animals and humans and your cat is no different. Never go off to work without giving your cat at least one meal until you get back home from work.

If you are into homemade cat food recipes, which is suggested, then you can try this one:

The ingredients are:

A tablespoon of non-fat milk (you can also used powdered mile as well)

Two tablespoons of carrot (chop up finely)

Two tablespoons of broccoli (chop up finely)

Two tablespoons of cottage cheese

Three eggs

Two tablespoons of corn oil

Here are the instructions of how to use the ingredients:

Use three tablespoons of water to mix the powdered or non-fat milk. In the mixture, be sure to add your three beaten eggs and then blend with a blender or food processor. Pour the corn oil in a non-stick frying pan and heat the oil. Pour in the mixture of eggs, milk and water. Cook this on low heat like you would cook an omelet. Turn it over on both sides and then add your finely chopped carrot and broccoli. Cut your cat omelet into little pieces after it is cooled and serve breakfast to your cat.

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Your cat’s health depends on you

You can feed your cat a healthy homemade cat food recipe and make your cat happy. It is what a lot of pet owners are resorting to as the commercial cat food industry keeps their ingredients a secret because of its toxicity.

One cat owner asked how she could cut down on the $100 per month that she spent on store bought cat food since she had more than one cats. The obvious answer is homemade cat food recipe. When she was given the recipes below, her response was a big thank you. She reduced her monthly cat food bill because she fed her cats both homemade cat food in the evenings when she came home from work and dry cat food during the day time. You have to do what is best for you and your cat because every situation is different.

Another cat owner was asked for suggestions. He said that his cats loved to eat beef. To save money, he went to his butcher who gave him the heart and tongue of the beef for free. He boiled it in water, cut it into little chunks and then used a food processor to chop it up fine and then feed to his two cats during the evening. During the day, he also fed them dry cat food.

Be careful, though, when introducing certain foods to your cat and make sure that they are getting the right vitamins and minerals in their food. In some cases, you have to add these supplements to homemade cat food recipes to give your cat the essential nutrients.

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What you should know about a Savannah cat – Part 2

Savannah CatSavannah cats have the largest back legs of most cats. The back legs are just as big as a rabbit. Their ears also are of large proportion. Their teeth also are large and sharp even when you get them as little kittens. Be careful when feeding your Savannah cat with your hands. They will bit you accidentally if you are not careful because of the sharpness in their teeth. You have to house train them not to bit because that is their natural tendency. It is just the same way that you have to train a dog to be domesticated so they don’t bit.

Always cut the nails of a Savannah cat because they will scratch you without realizing it. They might leap and land on top of you trying to play, but scratching you in the meantime. They are likely to keep their legs out when they are jumping and running so their claws will stick out if the nails are not cut.

When you have a Savannah cat in your home, be sure to get another pet also. These cats do get along with other animals such as a dog or cat. Your Savannah cat is very active and so having another pet will help to expend some of the high energy. However, make sure that the new pet is not an older pet, but a younger one. They adapt to new pets that are younger.

As it relates to food, the Savannah cat needs food that is of high quality and nutritious. They don’t do well with low quality food. It gives them diarrhea. They do well with meat. If you bring home meat from the grocery store, a Savannah cat will eat the raw meat if you are not careful; even if it is frozen. Be careful when you place meat on your counter. The raw meat is not recommended because if they are not used to it, then it will make them sick.


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