Slumber Pet Thermal Cat Mat

Our cats need as much comfort as possible and especially in the winter, we need to keep our cats warm. What better way to do so than to buy this slumber pet thermal cat mat.

I bought this mat for my older cat that was just diagnosed with some kidney issues. I thought the extra bit of heat would be soothing to her. Almost as soon as I got it out of the package she curled up on it. My younger cat loves it as well. He tends to get scared easily so I thought the little crinkling noises the mat makes would startle him. To my surprise, he got on it immediately. The first couple of days after it arrived, he barely left the mat. I'm actually thinking of getting another one so they can each have their own cat mat.

This is certainly a very nice pet pad. Not as loud or "crunchy" as expected. Cats will like it, especially since it can be placed in front of the fireplace. I love the color of the material, and it's big enough for large cats. One of the sides is gray in color with leopard print and the other side is black in color.This product is highly recommended for any cat.