Petmate Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy

My cats have had this for 2 years and they still love it. They don't use it quite as often as they used to, but they do use it. It’s still in perfect shape too considering that they wrestle it, chew on it, and kick it. It took them about a week to catch on and start playing. It is simple and inexpensive and provides "good times" for your cats.

 All I can say is that the small size was quickly outgrown. My cats still bat at it, and if I get it spinning for them, they will play with it for a long time, but at a friend's house my cats played with the larger size more and it was much, much more fun. This is a cool toy, and I love the way it's thoughtfully designed to make the ball wiggle a bit before it stops, but get the larger one! The large one is quite large (about 18" in diameter). The smaller one is about 10" in diameter. It is a great cat toy and a great price and shipped right to your door! You cannot beat it!

Whoever invented it must have been a cat psychologist or something, because it truly engages my cat. l recommend this to all of my friends and family with cats.