Peeka-Prize Pet Toy for cats

Do you have a cat that eats fast and is lazy, sleeps most of the time and ignores any kind of toy put in front of it? Well, if not, there certainly are cats that do that. If a cat is not active, this can spell trouble with overweight and later health issues. With the Peeka-Prize Pet toy, your cat will be highly motivated. You can put your cat’s food inside the box and it will make your cat have to hop through each hole to get the food.

It becomes a fun game to get the food from inside the cracks and this is what cats love to do especially if the cat knows that there is something delightful and fun hiding somewhere. The Smart Cat Peeka-Prize toy box will stimulate any cat from being lazy to being its usual self, which is a predator trying to find something that will reward. Your cat will have so much fun trying to fish out whatever you put inside the holes. You can leave this toy out while you are at work and your cat will never feel alone. It will make your cat very sharp; both mentally and physically.

You can even put small cat toys inside each slot in the box. You can use food, treats and anything you think your cat will like. Each slot can have a different reward. Watch as your cat tries to retrieve all of it!

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