Low carb cat food

Low carb cat food is essential for cats that have diabetes, but it is also important not to feed your cat too much carbohydrates. It has been proven that if you feed your cat foods high in carbohydrate, they can become diabetic. There are many overweight cats that have no tolerance for carbohydrates. These cats should instead be fed with a low carb food diet. Some experts think that dry cat food is the best for diabetic cats.

There are many diabetic cats that will improve their health if the pet owner changes to a lower carb diet and a diet high in protein instead. If you find that you have to go to the vet more often than not, then it is time to lessen the carbohydrates in your cat’s diet.

It is best to try making homemade cat food recipe for your cat if you want to give safe cat food. The normal dry canned foods that you purchase from your pet supermarket shelf will have up to fifty percent carbohydrates, which is generally too high for a cat. Cats do not have the digestive system to digest enzymes as other animals do. Carbohydrates are not essential to a cat’s diet as protein is.

You may be hurting your cat by giving foods rich in carbohydrates.


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