Homemade recipe for your cat – Chicken Delight Cheeseburger

You can try this recipe at home for your cat. It is a cheeseburger made with chicken. You know that cats thrive better nutritionally when they eat meat, so in every diet, you should try to include meat for the essential protein and nutrients that your cat needs.

The ingredients

  • Two ounces of ground beef
  • Two ounces of finely chopped chicken
  • One tablespoon of chicken soup in a can
  • Two ounces whole grain bread crumbs or oatmeal
  • One small carrot – cook until it is well cooked
  • One egg
  • Half cup of cheese that is grated


You are going to ground, mash, or chop the chicken. The beef should be finely grounded. Combine the mashed chicken, ground beef and soup with the bread crumbs or the oatmeal. Mash the cooked carrot and the egg. Add to the mixture.  You are now going to create small burgers with the mixture. Bring to a broil, sprinkle the grated cheese and then broil it again until you see that the cheese is melted. Let it cool, but not too cold. As long as you can touch it with your hands and it is lukewarm, your cat can eat it.

Your cat will enjoy this tasty recipe!!

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