Double Cat Bowl from the UK

If you have more than one cat; especially two, you will find this double cat bowl quite the answer to your problem. We all know that we need to nutritionally feed our pets and instead of having to feed them one at a time, this double cat bowl allows you to do one feeding to both cats at the same time. Make sure that your cats get along because you don’t want them hissing at each other. Either way, that should not be the case because they will both have their own bowl to eat out of. You will make your cat happy to know that you are feeding them both the same foods.

Let your cats eat in style as if they are in the Buckingham Palace. Yes, Buckingham is the name of this genius cat product and it is stainless steel, sturdy, attractive looking and ideal for a family that has two cats. The company has gone so far as to put a fish bone on the front of the Double Cat Bowl. Your cat will see the fish bone and want to eat from the cat bowl. It symbolizes food for your cat. The bowls can be removed for easy washing as well. The base of the bowl is rubber; making it easy to fit the bowls and keep the bowls steady. This is high recommended and I would give it a 4.9 star.


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