Do you have too many cats?

I just read a story online and could not believe my eyes. The news story from a reputable online newspaper indicated that an eighty two year old woman in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia was found with 25 live cats and 82 dead cats packaged in her freezer. The incident happened last November. Government officials raided her house upon the complaints of neighbors. They allowed her to keep three of the cats. Would you do that if you were law enforcement? I guess they felt bad about leaving her to live alone without her cats, but what if she does the same thing again? Animal cruelty is unacceptable no matter what age you are.

How many cats should a pet owner have in the first place? I personally think it should be enough for them to manage both financially and daily. With too many cats, you may not be able to give them all the same care and attention that they need. It is obvious that the eighty two year old woman loved cats and seemed to be a lonely woman who craved for companionship. She probably thought that the more cats she had the less lonely she would be. However, what about the cat’s welfare? Doesn’t that matter too? What was she going to do with the frozen cats anyway? I don’t even want to know.

You must make a decision to have as many cats as you can take care of. Don’t let your heart rule your wisdom. Cats need us to care for them the right way including giving them the appropriate nutrition that they need, vet visits and love.

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