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Cat food recipes for older cats

When your cat is aging and getting older, you will find that your cat’s health begins to fail especially if you don’t provide nutritional foods for your cat. You owe it to your cat to prepare homemade cat food recipes that are nutritious. Here are a few to start:

First recipe:

·         2 cups rice

·         1 can mackerel or tuna

·         2 or 3 chicken livers

·         As available: add 1/2 cup of beans/peas/corn

Mix or blend in food processor. No preservatives or artificial anything


Second recipe:

  • 2 ounces ground beef (80 percent lean)
  • 1/3 cup instant rice, cooked
  • 2 teaspoons fat (chicken or beef fat or vegetable or fish oil)
  • 1/4 teaspoon bone meal, ground
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • Pinch taurine
  • 1/2 of a (9-gram) human adult vitamin-mineral tablet (see note)

Bake, fry or microwave the beef and fat (do not drain). Combine beef with remaining ingredients except for the tablet. Mix well. Serve with the tablet (either in pill form or pulverized and thoroughly mixed with the food).

Note: Feed your cat half the tablet each day.

Third recipe:

·         2 cans of sardines

·         pat of butter

·         1 cup water

·         few stalks of watercress


Optional fish sauce

Preparation & Cooking Put the sardines and the pat of butter into a heavy-based frying-pan and cook on a medium heat. As the pan warms and the butter melts, mash the sardines into it. When the butter has completely melted, pour in the water and stir as it comes to a boil. Thoroughly shred the watercress and toss into the pan. Remove the pan from the heat and allow cooling. Puree, and add a dash of fish sauce.

CSF-3 Cat Super Feeder Product Review

Before I bought this CSF-3 Super Feeder for my cat, I used to feed the cat twice each day; once at five in the morning and next at five in the evening when I got home from work. I found that as soon as I walked in the door every evening, my cat would be all over me wanting to have a meal. My cat was really very hungry by then. I also found that my cat would be hungry sooner than five in the morning and would do everything in he could do to wake me up in the morning. I decided to find a way to resolve the problem and so here comes the Super Feeder, which solved this problem.

With the Super Feeder, my cat is fed twice in the mornings; at four and at ten. The Super Feeder allows me to give my cat the right amount of food that he needs on time because it comes with a timer that I can set. The Super Feeder also comes with a double hopper, which allows me to have food for about eight days. The accuracy of the feeder is amazing. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a hungry cat that has to be satisfied at certain times of the day. My only wish is that the electrical cord on the Super Feeder was much heavier because it is quite thin and easy for any cat to chew up. However, you can cello tape it to the wall to prevent this.

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The Tigrito Cat bowl from the UK – a product review

Every cat needs a bowl to eat or drink water from. The Tigrito Cat bowl from the UK is ideal to buy for your cat because of its unique features. This is a novelty product that is appealing because it comes not only with one bowl, but two bowls. The bowls or dishes are very sturdy and durable. If you have two small cats, this bowl is going to be the right purchase. They don’t have to fight over feeding or drinking time. The bowl or dish can be easily picked up and is also simple to clean. It has very high quality and is recommended because of its practicality in use.

The bowls are made of stainless steel so they will last for a long time. The design is definitely modern and exceptional. You can store it safely in your kitchen so it is handy when you are ready to use it.

It comes with a stand and the bowls are removable for easier cleaning. The only drawback is that the bowls are small, but as mentioned above, if you have smaller cats, this cat bowl is idea. It is highly recommended.


Recipes to make at home for your cat

We all are aware by now that you can make homemade cat recipes for your cat, but the only drawback is that you may not have the recipes to choose from. Below you will find a recipe that you can use today, but you can also grab the cat food recipe guide at, which has multiple recipes that are easy to prepare.

Be sure to include additional vitamins and minerals in addition to the recipes that you prepare. Ask your veterinarian for those little vitamin and mineral biscuits that you can feed your cat when you are giving your cat homemade cat food. Your cat needs the extra vitamin and mineral that a homemade cat food meal alone may not provide.

Here is one good homemade cat food recipe to start you off:

The ingredients for the first recipe are two slices of broiled bacon. Make sure it is not smoked bacon. Then one cup of brown rice; cooked, two teaspoon of soy sauce, one fresh mackerel; cleaned, scaled and cut the head and tail off.

Preparing this recipe is easy. What you will do is to chop up the bacon into small pieces and mix it into the rice; after which you will add the sauce. The mackerel should be broiled until it is crispy on both sides. Cool the mackerel and then take your knife to slit it in half to open it. Debone it and then put the combined rice and bacon into the opening. Close the sides and serve it to your cat.

You can look for other cat recipes online, but why do that when you can go to to learn more about what is best for your kitten and cat as it relates to nutrition, recipes and care.

What exactly is put in dry cat food?

Have you ever noticed that when you open a bag of dry cat food, the pungent smell that comes out? Or maybe you hadn’t been paying attention. What causes this smell? Well, oftentimes, it is due to the animal or the vegetable fat and oil that are found in it.

The fat is sprayed into the machine that makes the cat food to make the food bland and edible. The fact binds the dough and allows the manufacturer to add enhanced flavoring to get rid of the bland taste. Cats tend to love the taste of this sprayed fat.

Manufacturers have mastered the art of knowing what to put in the food to make a cat or a dog yearn for the commercial food. However, you, as the pet owner can put your own flavor to the food that your cat eats in order to win over your cat’s loyalty.

During the past number of years, manufacturers have been putting more and more grain and vegetable ingredients in pet food. That means they are replacing the ideal animal ingredient to plant ingredients, which is nonessential for your cat. A cat needs meat to survive because it provides the protein that the cat needs to stay healthy.

If you really want to know what to feed your cat and how to make homemade cat food recipes, CLICK HERE.