Cat treats

Natural cat food treats

Do you recall the nights that you are watching television and you feel for that snack or treat and just had to get it? Your cat is just like you. Your cat wants to get cat food treats in between meals. You can make it healthy for your cat by creating your own homemade cat treats.

These days everyone is going organic and so you can get organic ingredients to create your very own natural cat treats. Here is a sample of ingredients that you can try. Get a tablespoon of oats, a half mashed ripe banana, two tablespoon of plain yogurt, a half cup of orange or apple juice, a quarter of an apple, chopped in pieces and about two ounces of seasonal berries.

Now combine the oats and the banana and blend them both. Add the yogurt, juice and chopped apple to the mixture. Crush the berries and add it to your mixture. Serve to your cat in small amounts; about one tablespoon. You don’t want to give the cat too much of this because it can cause diarrhea especially if your cat is not accustomed to this homemade cat treat.

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Healthy cat treats

Do you want to make your cat happy? Well, then the best thing to do for your cat is to either buy or make your very own healthy cat treat that will have your cat eating out of your hands. Envision your cat running towards you at the sound of you opening up that package of healthy cat treats and looking up at you longingly. Hear that happy purr and rub against your leg when you finally release the natural cat treat.


You can indulge your cat in healthy cat treats at least three to four times each week. It makes them happy. If you choose to purchase treats from the pet store, be sure to choose ones that don’t have artificial preservatives or chemicals in its ingredients. They don’t offer any nutritional value to the cat food diet.


There are a variety of pet stores that sell organic and natural cat treats. They cater to healthy nutrition for cats even when it relates to cat treats. Make sure you buy treats that are soft, of high quality, easy to chew and taste good.


You can also make your own homemade cat treats. Here is one recipe that your cat will love called savory cheese treat. Gather your ingredients, which include three quarter cup of flour, three quarter cup of shredded cheese, five tablespoons of grated cheese, a quarter cup of plain yogurt and a quarter cup of cornmeal. Put your oven to 350 degrees and wait for it to heat up. Mix the two types of cheeses and the yogurt; then mix in the flour and the cornmeal. You might want to add a little water to make dough. Roll the dough and cut into small pieces. Put these on a cookie sheet that is greased and bake it for about twenty five minutes.


Your cat will enjoy this healthy cat treat.

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