Cat food reviews

Natural and organic cat food

Your cat will be healthier if you feed natural and organic cat foods. For human beings, the FDA has mandated regulations as to how food is manufactured, labeled and put on the market. However, for cats, this is not the case. Manufacturers don’t have as much rules and this makes it quite dangerous to invest in only commercial cat food without any knowledge of the ingredients you should look for in the cans.

Believe it or not, your cat’s diet needs much more than what the manufacturers are providing in their ingredients. Whether your cat likes wet food or dry food, it does not matter that much. What matters is that your cat is getting the right cat nutrition.

If you resort to natural cat food or organic cat food, which is one and the same, you still have to make sure that it is something that your cat will eat. Making it tastier is ideal and so homemade cat food recipes are the best option. Most natural or organic cat foods already have sufficient vitamins and minerals to help your cat lead a healthier lifestyle.

Therefore, by replacing manufactured cat foods with homemade cat food that is natural or organic will improve your cat’s health; give the cat sleeker skin coat, stronger teeth and an overall better well being.

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Evangers cat food review

Evangers Dog and Cat food Company, Inc. markets dry cat food, but they also have a dozen diverse canned cat foods. The product has been featured on television and comes in only two sizes – the 4.4 pound bag and the 12 pound bag. Both the ingredients and the cost of Evangers cat food should be considered ultra premium quality. It has many ingredients that are not commonly seen in other dry cat foods. This is especially true because of its high quality protein ingredients.

The ingredients in the whitefish dry cat food manufactured by Evangers Dog and Cat food company includes whitefish, peas, canola oil, flax seed, sweet potatoes and cranberries. This particular brand of product is ideal for cats who are suffering from food allergy. This would be classified as hypoallergenic cat food.  Because this product does not have any type of corn ingredient in it, your cat will be able to digest it better.

Cats that have a sensitive digestive system will benefit from the carbohydrates found in Evangers cat food, which are oatmeal and millet. In my research, I found that many customers were positively delighted with this product and all testify that this is healthy cat food.  

Cat food rating

Any nutritionist would agree that it is best for pet owners to give their cat’s food variety; canned and dry cat food, for various reasons:


Dry cat food is easier and simpler for those on a busy schedule because the cat can be left to feed without supervision

Canned food does have water and gives cats the water that they are otherwise missing. Cats don’t drink water that often.

Helps to make sure that your cat gets the correct nutrients and in the right portion.

Cat food rating shows that some cat owners will choose foods that have little or too much      minerals and vitamins.

Your cat can get bored with certain foods if you give the same thing to your pet every day. If you see your cat losing interest in certain foods, you should change your cat’s diet.

Avoid certain food allergies that your cat may have towards the ingredients in the cat food.

Cheaper cat food brands do not necessarily mean that this is a good cat food rating. Cheap may be more, but you want quality instead of quantity for your pet.

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Taste of the wild cat food

A cat’s diet is very important and so it is imperative as pet owners, you find foods that cater to your cat’s health. You have to be careful what your cat eats if your cat has diabetes, is obese and has allergic reaction to certain foods.

Some cats are allergic to specific proteins and carbohydrates. If you see your cat itching and scratching, it may be time to change your cat’s diet especially if you are trying to make a change to the cat’s nutrition.

Taste of the wild cat food fits the bill of providing balance to your cat’s food. A lot of other brands have either too much protein or a high level of carbohydrates.

One disadvantage to this Taste of the wild cat brand is that the manufacturers, Diamond Pet Foods, have been responsible for other cat food recalls in the past years. However, luckily for them, Taste of the wild was not a part of the recall. The recall was for rice protein contaminate only.

Healthy cat food is the ideal choice for your cat and you want to make sure that this is what you provide.

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Natural life cat food

Cat foods have certain health criteria in that they should not contain corn, soy, wheat and gluten. If this happens, then the company has to do a nationwide recall.  Natural life cat food and its company have had to do such a recall in the past.

However, for the most part, the company does have a reputation of making pet food that caters to different types of cats. For example, Natural life makes cat allergy food for cats. This shows how sensitive they are to the fact that cats do have allergy to certain foods. Hypoallergenic cat food is made with one type of carbohydrate and one protein along with essential vitamins and minerals that the cat needs.

Natural life do carry three different dry food formulas for adult cats, younger cats and cats that have a sensitivity to certain brands of foods. Their dry cat food includes a combination of chicken, turkey, seafood and vegetables.

Natural life cat food gets its reputation for being cat food sensitive and because of that, people will buy their products from the pet supermarket shelf. Recalling a product does not mean that the company is bad. It is best to recall when there is an error with the product rather than let it stay on the shelf and cause harm to your pet. So, I would recommend that you take another look at the products that Natural life offers for your cats.

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