Cat Repeller

I had spent so much money on powders and sprays and could not find anything that worked until I saw this cat repeller.

We have had it for a couple of months now and it has stopped the cats from walking in through the gate and defecating in the corner of the garden that it's aimed at. What an excellent solution to our problem. Unfortunately they have moved to the other parts of the garden that are not covered and are now leaping over the fence. So, I think I will be buying a second unit along with some rechargeable batteries. I have given it 4.9 stars as it could get costly in changing the batteries. A solar panel would have been worth the extra star. The children haven't complained about any noise. My husband can just about hear it, but we just switch it off when we're in that part of the garden to save batteries.

People should not be allowed to own pets if they are not going to be responsible for them and for those owners who say cats will be cats and cannot be trained, they have probably not even bothered to try and do it.