Cat Paw Cleaner

My two kittens were immediately curious about this mat as soon as they saw it. They sniffed it and weren't afraid of it. They didn't avoid it by jumping over it, as some other reviewers wrote about when reporting their felines' experiences with it. Your mileage may vary. It traps the loose kitty litter just fine. It is really easy to clean. I'm pleased with this purchase. I just dump the loose litter on it into the garbage. My only wish is that it had been a little bigger so that even more litter would be removed from their paws.

The product works great. It keeps the vast majority of the litter on the mat instead of tracking it through the house. One of our cats is long haired (on the bottom of his paws as well) so we still get some debris transported. However, our cats are able to use the mat to remove the litter before they leave the room.

The reason I bought this mat was for exactly that! It does help to keep litter from the general area of the litter pan. I think it must be far more comfortable for my cats then standing on scattered litter. However, you know felines! One of my cats is Afraid to step on it but steps over it. It is comfortable on their pads. I actually use one outside my apartment door with a bed for strays on top. It's just the right size and the bed never gets wet or dirty this way. I am so glad I got two.