Cat litter box training

Are you ready to bring a pet into your home or do you already have a pet that happens to be a cat? Whichever scenario fits you as a pet owner, you need to know that kittens are like toddlers. You have to train them how to use the potty especially if your cat decides that he or she no longer wants to go outdoors or eliminate ‘their stuff,’ on your floor. You might spend a lot of time each day cleaning poop and you may be wondering how you can stop doing so. You may not have to teach your cat how to use the litter box like you would house train a puppy, but you have to show your cat where it can find the litter box.

Don’t put the litter box in a noisy environment. Make sure it is a quiet place for your cat. Even cats need privacy when going to the potty! Put your cat in the litter box and show your cat how to scratch at the litter; at least twice. You will, then, leave your cat alone to handle ‘her business.’

If your cat has an accident, don’t get angry or do any scolding. It can happen to anyone including your cat. Each cat should have his or her own litter box. Keep an extra one around as well. Some cats rather use one litter box for urinating and the other for pooping.

You can choose from a variety of litter boxes for your cat such as self-cleaning cat litter box; ones that are covered and others that are specifically design to fit in a corner.

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