Cat Genie Washable Granules

At first, the cats didn't know quite what to make of it. So, you have to be patient. Set up your cat genie in the bathroom or the laundry room, but keep their litter box nearby. I let the old litter box get a little "dirty" and my cat that is extremely tidy began using the cat genie. The old litter box has gone away with the garbage truck. Now, the cats seem to enjoy watching the cat genie go through its cleaning cycle. Definitely worth the money as it has saved me time and my sanity.

I am really a fan of this litter and the system as a whole. The cats in our house were not immediately sold on the feel of this litter as opposed to clay, so it left us with one cat refusing to use it. (The other cat was on board after a few days.) What we did was take a second box and replace the clay litter in it with the crystal cat litter they sell, which the cat was fine with. Then, after about a week, we removed that box and she had no issues stepping into the cat genie with its litter. (This stuff feels a lot like the crystal litters to me.)

I have no complaints about the litter itself – It is dust free and washes clean after each cycle and it doesn't have to be refilled very often. Get the lid on your box and you will have even less of it being tracked outside. This is a highly recommend product.