Cat clipper combs

We bought these combs to clip a variety of 4-H animals, and they are perfect for the job. We needed a variety of sizes to fit on our Andis clippers, and this set has not failed us. We call these combs "guards". They fit over the clipper head to customize the length of hair left on the animal. This set probably has more than we will need, but you never know, and for the price, you can't go wrong.

The guards clip firmly over the clipper head, and stay in place. If I wanted to be ultra-picky, I would say that the package they come in is a pain in the neck. It's just hard to store them in. So ours wound up loose in the tack box. But that is being ultra-picky. These guards are well-made and give you exactly what you need in a variety of situations.

Read some of reviews and was skeptical if these combs would fit my Andis AGC 2 clipper. I was delighted to find that they fit PERFECTLY and are sturdy, nice combs. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has the same clippers – they are a bit tricky to get on initially, but once you get them on once its smooth sailing.  Again, I would highly recommend them.