Cat Cave Bed in the UK

I bought two of these beds for my two cats this past Christmas. I bought it because one of my cats is elderly and has a bit of arthritis in her hips. I wanted a cat bed that would block the draft from her back and keep her snug so I'm really pleased with this. The beds themselves are really well made and very cozy and plush, with a removable inner cushion that can be washed if needed, so great value for money. Mine came in a flattened state that required plumping up.

At least they look better than scruffy blankets when we have guests! As cat beds are all quite expensive these days, the cheaper ones being pretty sad affairs, I'd say that the price for these cave beds is very good, even for the financially challenged like me!

My friend bought one too and said that it was a Beautiful cat bed, with excellent value and quality, but it could not fit one of her cats that were very large. However, her other cat loves it and as she is smaller it is just right for her.

It is really good value and excellently made – and if you put your hand inside it, it is like a very soft cuddly fleece – no wonder they love it – and it is a private place they can snuggle down for the night (or day if they are like my cats!) It is of the highest quality and looks durable and very stylish. I know your cats will love it too!