Acticat Combat Play Tunnel

This combat play tunnel for your cat is of a high quality; is a robust crinkle tunnel with 2 escape holes and 2 dangle toys for added fun. It has a very sturdy design and is durable. It does not collapse when you are using it and it is suitable for all cats no matter what their size.

I have a reasonably large 3 year old male cat, and when I opened this product, I thought he might find it a bit snug, but I underestimated my slinky little quadruped launches himself into it with enthusiasm and charges through it at top speed. I agree that the tunnel is of excellent quality and the crinkly bits at the end are irresistible; although mu cat is not that bothered about the dangly pom-poms. He does find it a fascinating lair in which to duff up his cat mouse toy, which suits me fine as I don't have to keep digging the cat toy out from under the sofa all the time. This play tunnel has been a great buy – I certainly recommend it!

It is a very good investment that I recommend to everyone who has cats. The dangling toys at each end of the tunnel are a great tease for any cat. Your cat will run from one end to the other and jump in and out of the two openings on the top.