A homemade cat breakfast meal

Breakfast is an important meal for animals and humans and your cat is no different. Never go off to work without giving your cat at least one meal until you get back home from work.

If you are into homemade cat food recipes, which is suggested, then you can try this one:

The ingredients are:

A tablespoon of non-fat milk (you can also used powdered mile as well)

Two tablespoons of carrot (chop up finely)

Two tablespoons of broccoli (chop up finely)

Two tablespoons of cottage cheese

Three eggs

Two tablespoons of corn oil

Here are the instructions of how to use the ingredients:

Use three tablespoons of water to mix the powdered or non-fat milk. In the mixture, be sure to add your three beaten eggs and then blend with a blender or food processor. Pour the corn oil in a non-stick frying pan and heat the oil. Pour in the mixture of eggs, milk and water. Cook this on low heat like you would cook an omelet. Turn it over on both sides and then add your finely chopped carrot and broccoli. Cut your cat omelet into little pieces after it is cooled and serve breakfast to your cat.

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